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Security and personal escort

The personal bodyguard provided by the private security company “SERVIPROGRESS” is a reliable protection of you and your loved ones from various kinds of illegal actions. Our employees have extensive experience, have undergone special physical, psychological and technical training. Private individuals are guarded by professional bodyguards in strict confidence and at competitive prices in Spain.

The personal bodyguard of public persons not only effectively protects their life and health, but also preserves peace, protecting from excessive intrusive attention from other people. Personal protection allows businessmen, bankers and entrepreneurs to conduct their business more confidently without fear of physical or psychological violence.

SERVIPROGRESS provides the following services in the field of personal security:

      • Protecting the life and health of clients during business and informal meetings, negotiations, press conferences, club events, public speaking
      • Providing professionally trained bodyguard drivers
      • Escort and protection of customer representatives during transportation of material and other valuables
      • Emergency assistance for individuals and legal entities throughout Spain

To protect individuals, the best employees are selected who undergo special training and rigorous selection. Personal bodyguard owns martial arts, client defense tactics. The psychological component is also very important. The tasks of personal protection include the ability to quickly assess the situation, make decisions instantly, predict the development of events and be able to prevent danger by taking the necessary measures.

The training program for bodyguards necessarily includes working out “regular” situations when attacks are practiced in public places, on the street, in the country, in the parking lot, at the entrance to the porch, inside the porch, in the elevator, on the landing and so on.

Our bodyguards use their own best practices and proven methods taken from international experience. The main task of a personal guard is to prevent attempts to attack or any other illegal actions of persons encroaching on the safety of a client. A personal bodyguard will promptly detect external signs of emergency situations . Experienced bodyguards SERVIPROGRESS competently evaluate and control the situation, quickly respond to all changes, and counter the threat in time.