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Protection of cultural events

Ensuring security during mass events is a question that arises among the organizers in the first place, because the successful conduct of the celebration, as well as the reputation of the organizers of the event, depend on this. As you can see, much is at stake.

The organizers of the mass event need to take care in advance of creating comfortable conditions for participants and visitors. Entrust the solution to this problem to true professionals.

The private security organization SERVIPROGRESS will ensure safety during:

  • sporting events, including football matches;
  • concerts;
  • celebrations of observances;
  • events in honor of state and city holidays;
  • corporate events and parties;
  • shopping
  • fairs, presentations, sales;
  • banquets, weddings;
  • business meetings, conferences.

Procedure for the protection of public events

The step with which the protection of mass events begins is the monitoring of the venue. Specialists of the security organization “SERVIPROGRESS” explore the territory on which the event will take place. The main goal is to identify the vulnerabilities of the object of protection, to investigate the object for suspicious persons, objects, etc., to exclude the possibility of unauthorized intrusion into the protected object.

Before and during the mass event, our experts apply the following security measures:

  • set the access control mode;
  • do not allow persons with signs of drug and alcohol intoxication into the protected area;
  • carefully monitor individuals who may be carrying suspicious substances and dangerous objects.

By agreement with the client, the range of services provided is expanding or, conversely, some actions may be excluded from the complex.

Such precautions provide an opportunity to completely protect the guests and participants of the mass event, to protect their personal belongings and other values from theft.

We will take into account all your wishes without fail and will do our best to justify your trust

Benefits of working with us to protect public events:

  • the protection of public events in Spain, our experts coordinate with law enforcement agencies;
  • we have extensive experience in providing such services. Employees of the company took part in ensuring the safety of hundreds of mass events. We have developed our own unique technique, which allows us to perform tasks of varying complexity;
  • high professionalism. Our experts are able to quickly adapt to the current situation, providing a high level of security in any territory;
  • appropriate appearance of the guards. At the request of the client, we will choose a dress code in accordance with the atmosphere of the event.

Turning to private security organizations in Spain, you probably want to be completely sure of the reliability and quality of the services provided. We guarantee you full responsibility for your obligations. Our acquaintance will grow into an effective long-term cooperation!