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Professional escorts

Physical security is the most reliable form of protection. SERVIPROGRESS is one of the leaders in the security market in Spain. Our company is ready to provide professional and professional protection for you and your personal space. Our proven 7-year experience, which is improved annually, helps in this.

  • personal security at the place of residence, work and in places of rest
  • conducting inspection of places of visiting the protected person
  • escort of foreign citizens, delegations, tourist groups throughout Spain
  • safety of meeting a VIP person from an airplane ramp
  • only specially trained employees with practical experience who have passed rigorous selection
  • we specialize in personal protection
  • our guards are provided with advanced equipment for quality work
  • prompt response and quick response to emergency situations
  • our employees systematically undergo continuing education courses (tactical training, sports training and tactical medicine, as well as extreme driving)
  • we make sure that the appearance of our employees matches your status

Security group “SERVIPROGRESS” is professionally engaged in ensuring personal safety. Our employees are competent in all aspects of their work. Your life and safety are in the hands of a professional team!